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The first dog, l remember, was Astor, a German Wirehaired Pointer! I must have been two years old and l put carefully a cotton handkerchief on his head! He was my father‘s hunting dog, able to catch forest thiefs. I loved him, l felt a deep bonding, l loved to put my nose in his hair!  Now, still loving dogs and all pets and animals around, l love to catch their hair, their eyes, their souls with my pen, showing my deepest respect!

Hector     Belgischer Schäferhund     Belgian Sheepdog    2018


Astor war der erste Hund in meinem Leben, ein Deusch-Drahthaar.  Er war der mannscharfe Begleithund meines Vaters, der Förster war und sich damals noch vor Wilderern schützen musste. Mit ungefähr zwei Jahren begegnete mir Astor auf Augenhöhe. Gerne legte ich ihm dann vorsichtig ein Baumwolltaschentuch auf den Kopf oder vergrub meine Nase tief in sein Fell, um seinen wunderbaren Hundegeruch einzuatmen! 50 Jahre später liebe ich immer noch Hunde und alle anderen Tiere, hier und in der Ferne. Sie zu zeichnen, ihre Augen, ihr Fell ist, ist Ausdruck meines tiefen Respekts und meiner Liebe!

Hope Welpe Weimaraner Puppy 2018
Langhaariger Weimaraner Longhaired 2018
Buca di Neve  Welpe  Golden Retriever Puppy  2018
Paul      Rauhaardackel      Wirehaired Dachshund     2018
King Charles Spaniel 2019
Four friends ~ Vier Freunde 2019


I was so happy, to meet this special beauties in the Alps Mountains! The only way, animals should live: happy and free. A wonderful spirit of harmony surrounded them, peaceful and calm!

Alpenschönheit      Alps Beauty     2018


Ich war so glücklich, letzten Sommer diesen Alpenschönheiten zu begegnen. Eine wunderbare Stimmung umgab sie! Die einzige Art, wie Tiere leben sollten, glücklich und frei! 

Alpenschönheit    Alps Beauty    2018




I started with the Series Respect, setting Seals, surrounded by the tiny sealife: corals, shells and seaweed in the focus. Sealions, Steller Sealions, Leopard Seals, Elephant Seals at far away seashores. Here they are the rulers!


Californian Sealion 1995 49 x 34 cm
Californian Sealion 1995 49 x 34 cm

One of my first and favorite pen ball drawings, a proud Sealion sitting on a rock, inspired by treasures, gifted from friends or brought from far away beaches, like the lavastones from Sao Vincente, Madeira Island! This is dedicated and belongs to my beloved teacher and husband Jess!

My mind went to patagonia and the Antarctic region, were l met Elephant Seals. The cuteness of the puppies and their mothers fascinate me, even l was shown just always their struggling big fathers! It's always important to me to show the beauty of the less popular!
Little Elephant Seal 1996 30 x 41.5 cm

Mother and Child, Elephant Seals, Patagonia 30 x 42cm
Mother and Child, Elephant Seals, Patagonia 30 x 42cm

Antofagasta, Seal 1996 51x36cm

Angelo, Elefanphant Seal,  for Jess  1996  42x30cm  private

Monk Seal, Madeira 24 x 30cm 1995

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