To give them a face

Shell Muses show my love for every tiny ocean creation. Sea snails, conches, shells and corals, cathedrals of an enormous spirit, nature? God? Who knows it, but people will be unable to recreate this housings easily! In my art I combined every shell with a face, a muse, that appeared in my mind, imaginating the place of its origin, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific, Irish or Chilenean Coasts, for example. My treasures, l collected on beaches, since l was a child, or gifted shells from friends, who told me their story about. Friends l accompanied on their faraway journey in my mind! Even fotos of shells inspired me so much! When l started my ocean art, l had a lot of travel books, that inspired me, too. Internet and Computer hasn’t started career in space! This little housings of sea creatures inspired me so much and l gave them faces, to show my respect!

Since l was a child, l always was collecting and admiring seashells and conches. The idea, climate change and ocean pollution could make them disappear in the future, made me upset. I wanted to give them a face, even l couldn’t give them a voice, to arise more attention for their personality and needs! For me, shells and corals are the most beautiful architecture God’s spirit!  Even the smallest housing is a little cathedral, hardly to reconstruct by humans!

Buccinum Undatum, Common Whelk, Irish Coast 1999 47,5 x 34cm
Mytilus Edulis, Common Mussel 1999 47,5 x 34cm
Cassis Cornuta, Horned Helmet 1999 47,5 x 34cm
Dedicated to the Native People of Patagonia                                                                                                         Patagonia   Portrait of one of the last Patagonian women with shell  2000           31,5 x 23,5cm
Maori with Abalone Shell 2000 31,5 x 23,5cm

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