Ocean Honor

Californian Sealion 1995 49 x 34 cm
Californian Sealion 1995 49 x 34 cm


Drawings by Angelika Maertterer

The Ocean has no Voice

  • Every line I draw, shows my respect for the ocean and its inhabitants! When the discussion of climate change started, during my design studies, my heart remembered my second passion, marine biology. I couldn’t accept the thought, our children would have a future without sealife! An Ocean without life: A wet Desert for me!
  • Even l studied jewelry design until 1989, l decided to show my respect for nature, especially the ocean, in doing art! First big objects, that needed a lot of material. To much colour, to much material for a naturelove!
  • I reduced my workingmaterials: paper and pen! l started with the Serie Respekt, setting seals, oceansouls, surrounded by the tiny sealife, corals, shells and seaweed,in the focus.



I started with the Series Respect, setting Seals, surrounded by the tiny sealife: corals, shells and seaweed in the focus. Sealions, Steller Sealions, Leopard Seals, Elephant Seals at far away seashores. Here they are the rulers!

Shell Muses show my love for every tiny ocean creation. Sea snails, conches, shells and corals, cathedrals of an enormous spirit, nature? God? Who knows it, but people will be unable to recreate this housings easily! In my art I combined every shell with a face, a muse, that appeared in my mind, imaginating the place of its origin, Atlantic  Ocean, Pacific, Irish or Chilenean Coasts, for example. My treasures, l collected on beaches, since l was a child, or gifted shells from friends, who told me their story about. Friends l accompanied on their faraway journey in my mind! Even fotos of shells inspired me so much! When l started my ocean art, l had a lot of travel books, that inspired me, too. Internet and Computer hasn’t started career in space! This little housings of  sea creatures inspired me so much and l gave them faces, to show my respect!

ZEN shells combine my love to every little natures creation with the non thinking of ZEN art! I took a tiny shell, watched it for a while, turned my mind in and out and drew them with a million of lines in a relaxed and meditative mood! To be shell and to transmit these mood to the observer was my intention in this series!

  “In these times it’s so important for our minds to find a place to relax!”     a.m.

Flora I called a small Series, that show my compassion for coastal vegetation, huge an rough, perhaps aggressive! Perhaps my inner wish, to protect the ocean inhabitants from disturbing!

Looking for my souls home

The Mediterranean Sea

In the NOSTALGIA series l expressed my wish, to live in harmony with nature, nothing disturbs this inner peace! My soul left the rough oceans to return to the harmony Tuscany, with it’s harmonic nature, lovley coasts, medieval towns, art,  sheep and pinetrees! A refuge of reality, that is characterized by cool, economic motivations.


Sicily, Sicilia, after drawing and traveling about 25 years, that’s where my mind  feels at home now! So much warmth, ocean and inspiration in natural and cultural aspects!

Eolean Islands ~ my mind’s home ~ 2017 ~ 30x42cm.

Peace Sheep

The last years, war and terrorism didn’t get less, than arised, even in my country! On my journey and surroundings the peaceful, warm wooly sheep attract my attention more and more, they inspired me to a series, simple and easy, my Peace Sheep, my calm reaction to everything loud and aggressive! Wondering about my passion to  this series, l remembered the sheep as an ancient symbol of peaceful Jesus!




Animal Portraits

Dog portraits 2018

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